Moisture, Humidity & Gun Safes

How do you spell "humidity" inside a safe? - D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R, that's how!

Moisture inside a safe means damage to the contents. Guns can get rusty, jewelry can tarnish and documents and cash will get mildew and smell. Photographs can be damaged so badly that they are beyond repair. Condensation inside a safe can speed the decomposition of medications that are kept inside a safe. You spent good money to protect your valuables from outside sources, so why let them get harmed inside the safe.

A safe placed in a non-temperature controlled environment (like a garage or shed) is subject to major changes in temperature between day and night. This causes condensation and evaporation; therefore, moisture and damage.

Some fire safes are lined with a type of wallboard that contains moisture, so it's only natural that there could be a problem. Safes located near a body of water are subject to moisture collecting inside. Even safes placed near a laundry room or steamy showers are susceptible to dampness. But don't freak out! This problem is easily fixed.


Liberty Safe of Ferdinand Control Switch $84.99

PEET Dryer Dehumidifier $29.99

Hygrometer $10.99
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With our control switch, your dehumidifier will only operate as needed. Simply plug the control switch in to your outlet inside our safe and then plug the PEET dryer in to the control switch. Set the control switch to the recommend set point (between 45%-55%). The dehumidifier will operate once the relative humidity inside the safe reaches your set point. It will turn off once the relative humidity reaches 10% below your set point. This control switch eliminates your dehumidifier running 24/7.